APRIL 9TH 2016

All competition activities will take place on Level B of the South Academic Block in the Southampton General Hospital. The National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition comprises an assessed spotter and written examination in the morning followed by two general interest lectures on the clinical applications of neuroanatomy in the afternoon. The proposed timetable for the day is available below:

The spotter component consists of 42 stations containing either a prosected, embalmed specimen or a radiological image. Each station will ask you to identify two structures on the specimen/image in 1 minute before you move on to the next station. The maximum mark for this component will be 84.

The written MCQ paper will be 60 questions each with 5 possible answers. This will be completed in 70 minutes under normal exam conditions.

Both components will be weighted equally to give you an overall mark.

To make the competition fair for medical students at different stages in their training the competition will be split into two categories: 1) students in their pre-clinical, lecture based years and 2) students who have begun full-time clinical attachments. If you are currently intercalating your category is determined by whether or not you have completed a year of clinical placement. A winner and runner-up will be awarded for each category.


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