The National Undergraduate and Postgraduate Neuroanatomy Competition has been run by a dedicated team of Students, Staff and Alumni of the University of Southampton Faculty of Medicine. 

The undergraduate competition began in 2013 and has been held annually since, with the postgraduate competition being established in 2017. 

Members of the organising committee are enthusiastic about all areas of neuroscience, neurosurgery and neurology and have developed expertise in peer and near-peer teaching alongside the development of the competition. Many near-peer teaching resources developed by the team can be accessed at

The Organising Committee

Dr. Scott Border 

Dr. Sam Hall 

Dr. Jonny Stephens 

Dr. Teu Gesteira Andrade

Dr. Andrew Lowry 

Dr. Ellie Seaby 

Will Parton


Rachel Parrott 


Dr. Milo Hollingworth

Selina Barry 

Michael Ahn

Charlie Harrison

Matthew Myers

 Simon McElligott


The Centre for Learning Anatomical Sciences (CLAS)

We are very pleased that the facilities in the Centre for Learning Anatomical Sciences (CLAS) have again been chosen to host the fourth National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition taking in place in 2015. It is exciting to be involved in this innovative venture. The enthusiasm and commitment of the NUNC organising committee ensured that this was a wonderful experience for all those who took part in the competition and the associated activities last year and it promises to be even bigger and better this year.  

Dr Jennifer Skidmore

Director CLAS