The competition is open to all undergraduate medical students studying at universities in the UK and Ireland.

Q: Will there be any assistance available for getting to Southampton General Hospital?

A: A free shuttle bus service will run from Southampton Airport Parkway to the hospital at the beginning and end of the day. The shuttle will leave from Airport Parkway at 0930. We aim to be able to return most people to the station by 1730.

Q: Will I receive a certificate for attending?

A: Yes. All competitors will receive a certificate of attendance which will be handed out at the end of the day. Prize winners will also receive an additional certificate as proof of winning which will be posted out after the competition.

Q: How can I pay for the competition?

A: When registering through this website you can pay using a debit card or paypal transfer. 

Q: I would like to attend but the registration page says there are no spaces available.

A: In order to plan resources we have a limit on the number of competitors. Please email us (natneurocom@gmail.com) and we will add you to a waiting list.

Q: Can I buy more than one ticket at once?
A: No, our registration is designed for one ticket at a time.

Q: Will I need to bring anything with me?

A: No. Everything will be provided on the day.

Q: What if I need to cancel?

A: We can offer a refund up until 1st January. 

Q: What does the competition involve?

A: There are two components to the competition. Firstly an identify-type spotter exam using embalmed specimens and secondly a written MCQ section. Each of these components will be weighted equally to produce your final mark.

Q: How were the questions selected and standardised?

A: The questions have been set by the university anatomy department and some of the clinical staff within the Wessex Neurological Centre.

Q: Which topics will be examined by this competition?

A: Both components of this competition will test entrant's knowledge of the: cerebrum, diencephalon, cerebellum, brainstem, spine and vasculature. Head and neck anatomy will only be examined as it applies to neuroanatomical function and orientation. There will be questions on neuroimaging. Histology and embryology may be tested but will not form a significant part of the examinations.

Q: Can you recommend a textbook to revise?

A: Although we cannot recommend any specific learning resources to help you prepare for the NUNC, any good neuroanatomy textbook should serve you well. See the topics which will be examined, as per the question above, and structure your revision accordingly.

Q: How will my feedback at the end of this competition be used?

A: The organising committee will analyse your responses so that we can tailor the competition to meet the needs of our attendees. We have ethical approval for research into the competition based on your responses.

Q: I am on the waiting list and have been offered a ticket by email. How to I purchase this ticket?

A: Please click here to access the ticket. If you are on the waiting list and have not been explicitly offered a ticket from a member of the NUNC team, please do not attempt to access this page and buy a ticket.

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