The bus from Southampton Airport Parkway to the Hospital will leave at 9:30 from the U1C bus stop, down the road from the station at Platform 2.

The bus from the Hospital to Southampton Airport Parkway will leave at 17:15.

There will be marshals to at both departure points to help direct you to the correct place.

If you would like to take advantage of this transport then please email us at natneurocomp@gmail.com

NUNC 2017          APRIL 8TH 2017

"The neuroanatomy competition is a unique and inspiring event for the doctors of tomorrow. 

There are over 1 billion sufferers of neurological disease world-wide, with no efficient cures. In order to design effective therapeutic strategies, medics must understand the exact mechanisms of disease and the identification of the anatomical characteristics of the structures affected. Working on carefully dissected human brains and state of the art sections of human brains is a privilege for medical education and the University of Southampton is at the forefront of such practice. In my role of clinical neuroanatomy research group leader and member of the British Neuropathological Academic Committee, I am immensely proud of the exciting, innovative opportunity for medical students hosted by the University of Southampton and led by students, junior doctors and faculty staff."

Professor Roxana Carare, Clinical and Experimental Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton

"The National Neuroanatomy Competition offers students, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, a great opportunity to explore their knowledge of neuroanatomy, meet other ‘neuro’ enthusiasts and hear stimulating lectures, all packed into one busy day. I attended NUNC in March 2015 and I had a tremendous time. My high spots of the day included the opportunity to examine a collection of excellent brain dissections used in the spotter test, many of them prepared by members of the organising committee, and taking a tour of the 3D anatomy of the choroidal fissure in an inspiring lecture in the afternoon.

 I am delighted to lend my full support to this very well organised competition and hope that it continues for years to come." 

Susan Standring Emeritus Professor of Anatomy, King’s College London 

Editor-in-Chief, Gray’s Anatomy 

"The 2016 National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition was undoubtedly the best medical student organised  academic event that I have had the pleasure to attend.  

The enthusiasm of the student and junior doctor organisers set the tone for the event, which was enjoyed by almost 100 competitors, who achieved a very high standard. I was especially pleased to see the extremely high quality and informative dissections prepared by the organisers for used in the 'spotter' part of the competition."

Professor D. Ceri Davies, Professor of Anatomy, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London

2016 Competition winners and runners-up

Overall winner: Theron Ng Sir Yuan (Dundee)

Winner Pre-clinical: Theron Ng Sir Yuan (Dundee)

Runner-up Pre-clinical: Emma Jane Norton (St George’s)

Winner clinical: Felix Gill (St George’s)

Runner-up clinical: Edward Droscher (Manchester)

2016 Photos

After participation in the National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition, each competitor receives a certificate personalised to them.

Each certificate includes:

Their individual results for both the MCQ and spotter exams, and their overall mark

Their individual ranking relative to their category (clinical or pre-clinical)

A histogram detailing distribution of results in deciles

Descriptive statistics of the results of the whole cohort (mean, median, range, minimum and maximum)

The feedback of statistical analysis and ranking provides competitors a guide to interpreting their results, useful for those who aim to use the competition as an opportunity to build upon and develop their learning techniques, and also to those who aim to compete to gauge their performance against other competitors confidentially.

Read about our work published in recent editions of

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The first competition took place on 23rd March 2013 and was a great success. Please see our gallery for photos of the day and read comments from past competitors

NUNC committee member Jonny Stephens presenting at The Royal College of Surgeons of England 2014

The competition was short-listed for an Enterprise Educator award (2013) in the category of ‘enterprise Champions’

 "The specimens were well dissected...this competition is a highly original format...I'm sure it will go from strength to strength." 

2013 Competitor 


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