Clinical winner: James Hayley (St. Georges)

Pre-clinical winner: Yutong Chen  (Cambridge)

Clinical runner-up: Neha Kallam  (St. Georges)

Pre-clinical runner-up: Oliver Bredemeyer  (Oxford)

Congratulations to our distinction winners: Dominic Mahoney (Bristol), Hussein Al-Fazly (Imperial), Emma Norton (St. Georges), Allenis Mak  (St. Georges), Ayan Basu (St. Georges), Ioan-Marius Posa (Cambridge), Sheung Heng Daniel Lai  (St. Georges), Flora Matthews (St. Georges), Zaki Arshad (Cambridge), Rafee Ahmed (Oxford).


Clinical Winner: Jordan Colman (St. George's)

Pre-clinical Winner: Omar Kouli (Dundee University)

Clinical Runner-up: Christine Wong (University of Cambridge)

Pre-clinical Runner-up: Justine Itorralba (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)

Congratulations to our distinction winners: Kevin Soon Hwee Teo (University of Cambridge), Mark-Joel Clovis (University of Warwick), Nicholas Heng (University of Dundee), Dom Mahoney (University of Bristol), Neha Kallam (St George's), Pramath Kakodkar (National University of Ireland Galway), Adam Rossiter (Imperial College London), Robert Spencer (Cardiff University), Charmaine Lee Anne Toh (University of Sheffield), Isabel Schulz (University of Southampton), Neo Wee Xuan (National University of Ireland Galway), Sophie Howarth (University of Cambridge).


Clinical Winner: Alexander Sheeka (University of Southampton)

Pre-clinical Winner: Neha Kallam (St. George's)

Clinical Runner-up: Cormac O'Neill (University of Cambridge)

Pre-clinical Runner-up: Joseph Magee (University of Cambridge)

Congratulations to our distinction winners: Jordan Colman (St. George's), Thatayone Dinama (Livepool), Gauri Chillarge (Sheffield), Max Stewart (Cambridge), Athan Chawira (Livepool), Dom Mahoney (Bristol), Ioan-Marius Posa (Cambridge), George Brown (Leeds), Ananyo Bagchi (Aberdeen), Edward Coates (Southampton).


Clinical Winner: Felix Gill (St. George's)

Pre-clinical Winner: Theron Ng Sir Yuan (University of Dundee)

Clinical Runner-up: Edward Droscher (University of Manchester)

Pre-clinical Runner-up: Emma Jane Norton (St. George's)


Clinical Winner: Steven Isherwood (St. George's)

Pre-clinical Winner: Christopher Hatton (Hull York Medical School)

Clinical Runner-up: Long Nam Nguyen (St. George's)

Pre-clinical Runner-up: Jai Ming Koh (St. George's)


Clinical Winner: Milo Hollingworth (University College London)

Pre-clinical Winner: Long Nam Nguyen (St. George's)

Clinical Runner-up: (University of Liverpool)

Pre-clinical Runner-up: (University of Southampton)


Clinical Winner: Milo Hollingworth (University College London)

Pre-clinical Winner: Joseph Masters (Barts and the London)

Clinical Runner-up: Weronika Stupalkowska (University of Nottingham)

Pre-clinical Runner-up: Fady Atia (University College London)

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